During and even after the current coronavirus pandemic, the ventilation sector can help make buildings healthier to aid in the fight against viruses

BRAC Engineers have been asked multiple times if Ventilation will aid the role in reducing infections and health risks to individuals in both domestic and commercial spaces. We have seen the HVAC industry play a massive role to help with overall well being in properties. Especially being a respiratory disease its very important to get the correct ventilation, its a key factor in public spaces such as Hotels and leisure facilities, Schools and homes where many people will mix in small enclosed spaces.
There are many ways that the HVAC industry can help building owners improve the health of their buildings, which in turn will improve the health of their employees and increase productivity.

See our website for the full details on why Ventilation is so important and contact one of our expert engineers to learn why in todays market something as simple as HVAC can cause such a positive impact both financially and medically.